Monday, 21 March 2016

Theme Reveal 2016 - Festivals of India

Theme Reveal 2016 - Festivals of India

India is a land of diversity. Diversity of language, diversity of food, diversity of culture, diversity in dress and you name anything - you would find it changing in perhaps even few kms apart. Thus are the ways to rejoice and thank Almighty. The country is well known all over the world as a country of cultural and traditional festivals owing to its secular nature coupled with rich regional cultural heritage. 
Yes- So this becomes the essence of my theme for this years "A to Z Challenge" - The festivals of India
India is full of festivals. Not only does this change with the religion , but even within the religion. For every faith there is a separate doctrine of thought and thus a distinct way to celebrate, devoted to a separate God. Each festival celebration has a special ritual, a different way to worship, different list of offerings unique way of fasting, etc. More so in the Hindu religion. Each festival has its own history, legend and significance of celebration. Indian origin people in the abroad also celebrate their cultural festival with the immense passion.
So - I started this journey in a haste last year and wrote all about Himachal Reflections from Adi - A to Z Challenge and made you travel throughout HP - the hill state of India. Now, stay with me - and this year enjoy the festivals and festivity and know more about REAL INDIA.

As if the challenge didn't appear enough to excite me - I took another task - writing a poem simultaneously all these days "Let the Soul Pour" Adis Enigma Unfolding.

Just stay glued.

Aditya Sinha

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