Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Moonless Night - A five sentence Fiction.

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The Moonless Night - A five sentence Fiction.

There towards the end of the marriage party lawn Kavya stood in glistening blood red surrounded by friends, dancing, laughing , hugging and chanting, all so innocent yet enticing. 

Giggling from there she turned and ran towards the stairs for our eyes to meet leaving me with a pleasant ache and follow her to the dark terrace despite the fact that I had left her with the broken heart at the airport, and moved to US to pursue my MBA three years back and never tried to know about her further.

The sky glittered with the uncountable stars in the dark moonless night and so did the thumps in the heart as I stretched my hand and switched on the light - thud - oh! my heart sank and I shouted as I saw her jumping from across the terrace.

I ran towards her screaming incoherently stating what I saw  to the crowd that had gathered from the party lawn by now.

Kavya! , but she died three years ago exactly the way you narrated, her friend Archana said from the back. 

Aditya Sinha

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