Thursday, 26 March 2020

Theme Rveal 2020 - Life just in 5 Sentences.

Life is a learning - A constant learning. So why not share the same . Sharing doubles the joy. Right! 
So this year I'll take this as the theme and put it across to you in just five sentences each day tailoring it around an alphabet each day - in the sequence A to Z …. That's the way Right.  
In the past I took this challenge twice. In 2015 I wrote travelogue - all about Himachal Reflections from Adi - A to Z Challenge and made you travel throughout HP - the hill state of India. In 2016 I took two writings each day - One was my poetic journey Reflections on A to Z 2016 - Let the Soul Pour and the other was Festivals of India Reflections on A to Z 2016 - Festivals of India. 

So now, stay with me - and this year enjoy four blogs each day. The first one would be the Learnings of life  - 5 Sentence Fiction.

Others would be my favourite - A poetic journey both in English & Hindi. And there would be a food blog too.....  True Indian Regional Cuisine.
So - Just stay glued.

Aditya Sinha

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