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Reflections from Adi - A to Z Challenge.

Reflections from Adi - A to Z Challenge.

A to Z challenge - I had seen the badge on some fellow bloggers but was never excited to know more about it. Nor was I excited enough when Sweta posted her theme and decision to take the challenge. However, I clicked the link and went to the page. There were so many participants. But it was a tough month for me with almost 20 days travel plan. There were some more blogs on A to Z like those of Shashank and Amita and I couldn't keep myself away. On the first April itself and took to write - Write for the whole month. Then instantly came the thought of a theme and I took the theme of travel with focus on Himalayan states Himachal & Uttranchal where I had spent two years a part. Thus, started the journey and you would be surprised to know Himachal had so much to offer that I didn't even touch Uttaranchal throughout the month. Blogging really is infectious ... you stay in touch and you would love to get addicted.

Thus started the month, some commitment some planning lot of surfing, lot of research, lot of reading and plethora of writing. I can't believe I could write all through though I went off by couple of days at times. What I could write is one part of it which naturally gives one the satisfaction, more fulfilling were the constant visit by some fellow friends and their constant comments. For any writer comment is breather and I am indebted to all visitors for their time and motivating comments. I would love to bestow my special  thanks to Archana, Sweta,  Indrani, Abhijit, Selfdrive, Yogi and all those whose visit kept me motivated to write more and more. Thanks a lot.

It was not only one way - writing and writing - but more fulfilling as it was a learning experience. I was overwhelmed by the variety of blogs that were available throughout. It almost touched all one can think of. There were fiction, reflection, article, poetry, travelogues, technical suggestions everything. I had gone through some of them. But now is the time... I would love to read more and more of them to learn more, know more writers and connect with more bloggers.

In the last I would like to thank the host of this challenge who had been so devoted to constantly be in touch and make this a real interesting episode. 

Just to add pls find below the link to all the 26 posts of A to Z challenge.

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