Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Intro to food blog - Regional Cuisine

Intro to food blog - Regional Cuisine

Cooking by male person in the family - that too the day to day cooking is very rare. Even if the person is a leading chef, he would perhaps be kept out from his wife's kitchen. I am not a chef at all. But I love cooking. So after the sapping daily work as a media person, when I return home I prefer to enter in kitchen and may be just cook two more chapati's for the kids or have my touch in the vegetable already cooked. Cooking is a stress buster for me. 

With India as a land of diversity, “Diversity” - even the scope of the word becomes limited, when we think of the variety it has. Be it anything. The Culture, the language, the landscape, the dress, and ............... even the food that the people here so deliciously relish upon.

It is so diverse, that even a common dish which you would find at each dining table would be having a different taste if you are sitting at your neighbour’s place. Out of this gigantic dish basket, let me throw some light on the regional cuisines - which perhaps would have a little different taste from what you already are cooking. I have created my own blog page for the same 

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