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Keep Fit – “Ayur–Nirvana” Outlook.

Keep Fit – “Ayur–Nirvana” Outlook.

“Birth as a human comes after crossing through 84Lacs lives as different creatures”Veda’s & Puran’s say that it’s only human as a creature which has the capability of exercising wisdom and doing work. Through this it attains “mukti” (salvation) and goes to heaven. But this can be justified only when he is healthy and fit, both mentally as well as physically.  
Studies show that a body’s nature is to stay fit and healthy but we by our carelessness make it unhealthy. Then run for its cure. The apt advice – “precaution is better than cure.” 
As per “Ayurveda” there are five basic ingredients around which the health revolves - food, exercise, rest, mental balance and intake of the 5 basic components of universe (pancha-maha-abhut). It also establishes importance to the timing of all these day to day activity.
Wakeup: Veda’s say “those who sleep during sunrise are feared to have lesser age, energy and invite diseases”. Thus, it advices to get up before sunrise (at least an hour or two). Immediately after getting up, when we are on our bed itself we should look at both of our palms first remembering our God. We should also try and put forth the same step first on the floor as our “swar” (nostril which is actively doing respiration at that time.)
Morning Course: Once we get up, the first thing should be to get rid of the toxins the body has generated throughout night. Ayurveda gives importance to drinking of water kept overnight in copper vessel (1/2 ltr to 1.25 ltr) before going to toilet (Ushah-paan). This removes cough, gas and toxins simultaneously and helps in avoiding many diseases. This should be followed by brushing of teeth and tongue, and taking bath. Nowadays we start our day with morning tea on bed even without brushing our teeth. It makes us drink the toxins generated in the mouth over night back in our body.
Morning Walk & Exercise: After the morning course,a walk in open and fresh air (min.  2 km) followed by some pranayams and a little exercise to flex ones body would keep us energetic though the day. A small walk is also advisable in the evening after our dinner. It helps in digestion and gives a sound sleep.
Food:  It’s always said to take a balanced diet i.e. food that keeps the balance of cough - gas and toxins. One should try to eat at least a bread less than his hunger. We should eat to live and not live to eat.
Health and nutrition are the two things that go hand in hand. Proper nutrition leads to a healthier body. Scientifically, it can be said that nutrition guides on the aspect and co-relation of diet and health. With proper intake of food in right proportion provides the right kind of nutrition for health. Food of different person would differ on the basis of health and the metabolic rate. Malnutrition is the most common disease that one acquires with irregular food habits and with lack in the intake of proper nutrients in the right proportion. It will be worth mentioning that there are mainly six types of nutrients that a human body requires - water, fats, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. Fibrous fruits also form an essential composition in the list of balanced diet. A healthy food chart should consist of fruits, vegetables, cereals, dairy products and pulses.
Rest: Rest is as important as food and exercise. It rejuvenates the body. Rest is not just lying on the bed. Physical rest is not enough. The mind should also be given a proper rest. Avoid thinking while sleeping. Try forgetting everything around you when you lie down on bed. Let the mind go blank.
When we go for sleep in the night be fresh before lying down. Brush the teeth, wash hands and feet. Use proper hard bed.  
Mental balance: It is the mind that the body follows. So keeping them attuned is very important. A healthy and happy mind will make the day beautiful. An allergy, anger, hatred, etc. are invitation for diseases like high b.p. mental distortion, heart ailments, diabetes etc. The mind gets its food through our senses. Thus to feed the mind with peace and harmony we should purify our five senses. Feed them with purity and positivity.
Panch-maha-abhut: Body is composed of Sky (space), Air, Fire, Water and Earth. So a balanced composition of the same should be maintained and replenished through our environment. 
Remember “Ati sarvatra varjayate “ i.e excess of anything is bad. 
Lastly I would just add from Arogyadham “Acharah parmo dharmah“ i.e. Character and thought is the supreme religion. Person with good habits are always blessed with healthy body, strong mind and chaste intelligence.
Aditya Sinha

A Blog from yesteryears on Sulekha. Just felt like sharing at the beginning of a new year. 
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