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Standing Punished in Girls School Campus

Standing punished in Girls School Campus.

Deveika’s call on embarrassing moments has become such an interesting and happening affair that all of us started peeping in our past and came out with those rare moments which we would have preferred to forget. Such enthusiastic participation not only as an entry but also as live comments have enthralled and pulled us - the bloggers to post events again and again. Reading such khatta – mitha blogs has reminded me of one more such very interesting (I mean embarrassing) incident. The story of Red Rose posted earlier was a story of misunderstanding let’s see how I make a fool of myself here in my school days.
I was in Class XI in St. Michael’s, Patna. Hardly a km away was the girl’s school, Notre Dame. The two schools were always termed - as made for each other. So though we were not in a co-ed school, we seldom used to have some get- together, common plays, extra-curricular activities etc. Or otherwise a regular and most coveted guest for each other. The Father’s of our school were apple eye to the Mother’s of NDA. Only last year we had our (I mean class X Mikes and the class X Dames a common – pass out get-together – Socials.) So, in a way most of us knew our counterparts over there and were expected to be good to them.
One such event was being organized in NDA. It was a cultural night. You can just imagine how excited we the seniors of Mikes would have been. We were sent the invitations and all of us were just waiting for the night to arrive. And it did come. But I had some emergency on that fateful day and I had to miss the rare moments of watching them closely for one more time, dancing, giggling, eyeing and vying. Alas, I waited at my house for the event to get over and the news of the extravaganza to pour in live through my friends. In those days mobile was not available so instant communication was not possible. For the running commentary I had to wait. Those hours looked long but finally did end. And Sunny (the same guy whose red rose had caused all the problem in my last blog) came to my house. There were more who followed.
With a glee in my eyes I took him straight to my room.
How was it?
Who all were there?
What all happened? All question shot in one go.
And there were all spicy narrations. But with that also came some unhappy moments.
Two of them were denied entry. And obviously it was not bearable for any of us.
In fact the invitation passes had been forged. And so it became overcrowded. And the school authorities had to stop some of them from entering. Some parents too had to face this and were dejected too.
-My friend’s insult and parent’s insult.
We got charged. I was known for my acquaintance with newspaper. As I was a regular contributor to “Letter’s to Editor” “careless whisper” etc., I was expected to bring this to light.
All were looking towards me with expectant eyes. How could I deny?
Next what – A detailed letter got drafted and it was handed over to TOI. We all departed winner all the way.
The letter got published – and our names Aditya Sinha and Sunil Rai, class XI, SMHS, imprinted below it. The proud duo, with our heads high reached the school.
-Greetings all the way round and we on cloud nine.
The assembly got over and hardly had we entered our class room the PA system spoke : AS and SR – report to the Principal room.
So another congratulation was in waiting – we with our heads high reached the room.
Father Karthanam was pacing up and down in his room. His pink face hot and blue.
How’s and why’s?
Don’t you know the relationship that the two school has?
I knew it was a blunder done.
I had brought curse to this relationship.
Good sense prevailed and I asked pardon.
“I am no body to give you excuse”, he said after a lot of persuasion. (more because I was among the best student there and Sunny one of the best sports person).
“You go and meet Sister at NDA. She will excuse you”
You can feel how we fell from attic to dungeon within seconds. To add to it we were to report to the girls school.
We came out of the room, with our heads down. The anti- groups enjoying our pitiful condition.
We pulled our bicycle and moved to meet the “Sister”.
The Principal there was not willing to meet at first and she made us wait outside the office. And we stood like stupid for the principal to let us tell her the full story, the plight of the parents – which we had planned can only be our saviour.
The girls passing by gauzing through the corner of their eyes and then whispering – these are the guys who have written all this. Some sighs, some brows. And we stood there saving our face, waiting ……..
She finally had pity but only after the whole day has passed. Just before the school was to close she called us in. We tried to explain but to deaf ears. Finally – she said – Get an apology published tomorrow, then only I can excuse you.
It was a tough task but at least a ray of hope. Apni sari Ijjat to dhul chuki thi, ab school main bane to rahen.
I knew TOI won’t do it. We managed an apology and I took my father’s help to get it published as a news in HT the other day. Bachi hui ijjat to bacha liya.

You can understand our position--- embarrassed --- we felt like crying.
  Aditya Sinha

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