Tuesday, 7 April 2015

E for Eco tourism.

Himachal offers six sectors of forest for Eco tourism.   here we can enjoy the local rural living with cultural festivals and celebrations.  Some tour operators develop packages that constitutes both eco and adventure tourism.

 Eco tourism focuses on local cultures,  adventures,  wildernesses,  volunteering & personal growth by learning new ways to live in our vulnerable planet. It focuses on flora,  fauna, cultural heritage and integration with local living thus enhancing cultural integrity with local people.

The recent eco tourism sectors are Ala forest rest house, Dalhousie,  Barog Camping Site, Pine Hill eco camp, chewable, near Barog, Moti Kana Hill, Sanawar,  Kasauli,  Shoghi Camping Site,  Shimla, Potter Hills eco camp Shimla. 

There are some old ones operating in Haripur near Manali, Himalayan Trout House Trithan . Etc. So plan your eco tourism visit to HP today.

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Aditya Sinha

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