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I for India’s Marijuana Heaven – Indian still Alien – Malana

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India’s Marijuana Heaven (Cannabis Country) – Indian still Alien – Malana

Can you believe – there is an area in India (state HP) which has its own system of government, its own law, and is thronged by foreigners (esp. Israeli) for the easy access to best quality Marijuana?
Right – It’s Malana known for producing the best quality of Marijuana (also called Hashish), and often out of reach for common Indian. It is known by the drug mafia across world for its quality hashish which is extracted from the Cannabis plant. 

Malana is an ancient village to the north-east of Kullu Valley. This solitary village in the Malana Nala, a side valley of the Parvati Valley, is isolated from the rest of the world. Situated at an altitude of 9,938 feet the village of Malana (also known as the village of Taboos for its own strict customs and believes) is a magical green rimmed village that overlooks the Deotiba and Chandrakhani Peaks. Malana village is connected to Kulu by three mountain passes. Once in HP it can be reached from Parvati valley across the Rashol Pass and Chanderkhani pass by trekking.


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However, the easiest road route is from Jari  (on the Bhunter - Manikaran road) where one can reach by a taxi (approx. 23 km uphill). There is no public bus plying to the village of Malana.

The village of Malana is also considered to be one of the oldest democracies in the world. The Here the taboos are so strong that if  one decides to visit this village it is advisable to not touch the walls or belongings of any of the Malanese people as you will have to pay a fine if you touch anything. ‘Kanashi’ is the local language of Malana and does not sound like any of the dialects spoken in its neighboring villages and the language is also considered to be one of the secrets of the village that outsiders from other villages are not allowed to use. Malana thus is also known as the village of Taboos

Marijuana field in Malana

As per local mythology Malana’s history trails to Jamlu rishi (sage) who inhabited this place and made rules and regulations. It is one of the oldest democracies of the world with a well-organized parliamentary system. It is believed that all of these are guided by their own devta (deity) Jamlu rishi.

Malana’s Crème - is international fame and has won the Best Hashish title twice, in 1994 and 1996, at High Times magazine’s Cannabis Cup. Marijuana lovers thus world over, love to visit this region which has famed as the popular weed-tourist destination. It is also branded in travel and ganja-hunting literature as the exotic and alluring “Malana and the Magic Valley.” Hashish thus travels through the world and is also the main source of income for the Malanese.

Israeli partying in Kasol

The area is flooded by Israeli tourist amongst others. Down-hill from Malana just three kms before Manikaran is Kasol which is the abode for these tourists. As Kasol is easily reachable and offer more freedom. The local villagers offer cheap stay and service and thus these tourist stay there for months enjoying the fresh hashish arranged by locals. Kasol appears to be an alien land full of Israelis, all shops with Israeli boards and inscriptions, The restaurants, the hotels all offering what the Israelis would love to have. If you stop there for a night the local vendors would look at you as an alien not the Israelis. Kasol also has tourist operators with tent and natural stay arrangements offering eco and adventure tourism.


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 So that's about Malana. If not Malana, do visit Kasol to enjoy the alien feel in India.
Tomorrow it would be J.

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