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T for Triund and other Trekking Trails in HP

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T for Triund and other Trekking trails in HP

In my last post I had written about all the adventure sport that you can look for when you are visiting Himachal. Here I would just like to take a step forward and write a little more on trekking. As a novice and a family member when I stayed at Dharamshala I needed a relatively easy trail to trek. Triund offered me such trek.

In the Dhauladhar there is a ridge named Triund which gives a very close look for Moon peak - Inderahar Pass. Triund is situated just 9 kms from Bhagsu Nag (in McLeod Ganj) and thus has become very famous trekking destination among tourists. Rested at a height of 2827 m, the place is noted for its scenic splendor of the imposing mountainous terrain. Triund offers a fascinating view of the Dhauladhar ranges and the Kangra Valley. One can trek along alone through this pass without a guide. Because of its proximity to the snowline which is just 13kms away, this region is becoming popular with time. Snow birds and wild animals like musk deer and black bear are well seen from this place.

A typical trek in Triund can be of three days i.e
Bhagsu Nag - The starting point of Triund Trek

Day 1: Bhagsunath to Triund (via Gunnadevi and Bahl) - You have to walk from Bhagsu Nag to the small farming village of Bahl, passing through dense cedar. Then go for a 4 kms ascent , for a climb to the temple of Guna Devi. The route passes through forest areas teeming with Himalayan birds. Later a steep ascent through mixed forest of oak, rhododendron and deodar trees takes us to Triund, an alpine meadow situated on top of a ridge.

( one can stay overnight here and return the next day. Alternatively you can mave to Laka Glacier)
The Bhagsu Trail

Day 2: Triund to Laka Glacier(3700 mts) - A 2 to 3 hour ascent takes you to Laka Glacier. Laka glacier is no more glacier now as there is as such no snow or glacier there. It's a small moraine and a shepherd pasture. The spectacular mountain views and vistas will mesmerize you.

Day 3: Laka to BahgsuNath - Next morning you come back by trekking downhill to reach Bhagsunath.

Triund Base

Best time for trekking in Himachal Pradesh:

All the treks in Himachal Pradesh have their own enthrallment, excitement and timings. While winter has their own charm and appeal, monsoons are considered to be the ideal time to undertake most of the treks. The period of June – September is the best and suitable time to undertake any of the treks in Himachal Pradesh, as the entire region starts blooming with varieties of colourful flowers and lush greeneries.

One must keep the check list as below before taking a Trekking Tour:
Suitable and waterproof back-pack , Trekking gears like sleeping bags and mats, rucksack, ropes and walking stick , Waterproof clothing: jackets, windcheater and other similar
Proper shoes , Water bottles, Clothes according to the season , Caps or hats, towels and handkerchiefs , An extra pair of socks, shoe laces and undergarments , Torchlight with extra cells and bulbs , Basic medicines and first-aid kits , Matchbox or lighter, insect repellents, plastic bags and toiletry items , Multipurpose knife or other similar accessories , Energy bars or drinks and items according to the duration of the trek , Journal to keep track of everything
Waterproof and airtight containers , Handy cams or cameras , Slippers to relax at the end of the tour .

Aside from Bhagsunag – Triund trail , other easy treks for beginners are : 

1. Baralacha Chandertal Trek :Chandertal is at an altitude of 4270 metres and lies between the main Kunzum ridge and low ridge. The lake is believed to be the source of the river Chandra and is also called the 'Moon Lake' . The trek from Baralacha to Chandertal is comparatively an easier trek and the beautiful vistas that open up as you gain altitude present such magnificent views of the lake bounding with turquoise blue and crystal clear waters that you have an out-of-the-world feeling.

The Chandrataal Lake Base

2. The Hampta pass trek begins from the lush green Kullu-Manali valley and ends in the rather barren Chandra valley of Lahaul. This is a moderately difficult trek and does not put too much physical strain on the trekkers. The trek passes through oak, walnut and alder forests hypnotizing your senses with the sheer beauty of the landscape

Hampta Pass Trek Base

The stark contrast between the two valleys is available to the naked eyes. While the Kullu valley abounds in flora and fauna, the Lahaul valley stands out in its barrenness. Along your path, you will come across pretty streams, glaciers and rivers, rare flowers and birds. While the third Triund offers moderate greenery and a view to hanuman Tibba the highest peak in Dhauladhar.

3. Another famous trekking route is the McLeodGanj to Chamba trekking route . This trek offers trekkers a chance to look at the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal mountain ranges from close quarters. This is a moderately strenuous trek and passes through thick Rhododendron and deodar forests. Here one can see the Gaddi shepherds herding their flock from Chamba valley to Lahaul and Spiti. From the Indrahar pass the Pir Panjal ranges can be seen in the north in their royal glory while in the south plains extend as far back as the eyes can see. In the east the Mani Mahesh Kailash is visible. 

Mc Leod Ganj - Chamba trek 

These are some of the famous trekking routes. There are many more in Himachal. Infact you can devise your own route and all would give enjoyment of its own kind. 

I would still advise if you are an ametuer try the Triund trail first.

This was from T. Tomorrow it would be U.

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