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Ramayana – The Game of Life - Shattered Dreams by Shubha Vilas - A book review

Ramayana – The Game of Life
Shattered Dreams
This is the second book of the series by Shubha Vilas.
                                                                                – A book review

Books have always fascinated me. And the moment I get time I love going through novels that flow easily and have lessons embedded. Recently there had been series of books on mythology and mythological characters. I had been through some of these so there was always a question how would this book do justice to the epic Ramayana. A perpetual question was there if there is play with the plot and the characters to suit the present modern society?

And last week the book arrived from BlogAdda for the review. I was elated. Right I was elated as this was the first book I was getting as a free copy for review.  The first page with the praise of the book made me assured that its going to be worth.  And the joy perpetually increased as I went through the book. Despite the entire busy schedule I finished the book within a week. This is itself to say how gripping the book was.

The details of the book:

Title:                            Ramayana – The Game of Life  - Shattered Dreams – Book 2
Author:                       Shubha Vilas
Publisher:                  Jaico Publishing House
Year of Publication:   2015
ISBN :                        978-81-8495-531-6
Binding:                     Paperback
Number of pages:      387
Price:                         Rs 350
(In this series 1st Book -  Ramayana, The Game of Life  - Rise of the Sun Prince Book 1)

I had read Valmiki Ramayana once but could not get much from it. But, I have read Tulsidas’s Ramcharitramanas quite a number of times as we read it in every Navratra (as Navahparayan). So the epic is well in my veins. 

About the Book:

The book is all about the Ayodhya Kand of Tulsidas Ramcharitmanas, beautifully presented as a narration keeping intact all characters and plots. Keeping the essence of the mythology intact, it is very lucidly narrated and made understandable for the modern society. The third person narration with link to modern principles of life makes you awe for the wonderful understanding of the original books and rewriting with modern approach. From the stage “Dasaratha” having nightmare in dreams – the “Kaikeyi” episode - Rama leaving Ayodhya - on to chitrakoot – Bharata coming to Chitrakoot to take Rama back, Anusuiya Mata and story – all are so vividly retold. You easily figure the live episode. And the best part is the fore linking and back linking of each act with future and past makes you understand how the universe works.
I must mention here the foot notes that are present in abundance on each page are gems in itself. If you miss the essence of the line or word in the novel reading, the foot notes make you realize how true and applicable it is.
e.g. (the paragraph ends with – “Wasn’t this what life was all about”4 )
And the foot note reads: Life is a combination of hope and despair the one dominates you carves your personality.

There is innumerable of these and a must read.

Adding to these are special pages especially highlighting the learnings and principles. These are so true and so practical that it should be incorporated in modern studies.

Just to quote: When Bharat comes to Chitrakoot to request Rama come back to Ayodhya – Rama gives the Management Mantra – The 5 Management Concepts

Respect Management, Decision Management, Reputation Management, Team Management & Character Management - so relevant to your day to working.

There are many other in the book. It makes you understand why Ramayana is an epic.

My take:

I had loved the book for the sheer that it maintains the fragrance of the epic and has originality in presence with abundance of relevance to modern life. This book has made the epic reach to the modern youth society maintaining its originality and establishing its relevance. A must read for the youths. It makes you yearn to wait for the next in the series.

I would like to add on the personalised letter and the bookmark has just added to the sweet experience of reviewing the book.

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Aditya Sinha.

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