Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Saviour

Radhika’s sixth sense warned - something was going to be wrong and she followed Tanu in a taxi to the party area, managing a seat in the corner and watching her gorgeous granddaughter ram the dance floor in her red mini and the white t-shirt hanging from her bare shoulder. With all eyes glued to her glowing bare skin, Jack took a chance, matching the steps and inching closer he pressed lips and thrust his hand in her t-shirt.

Tanu screamed, tried to get herself free, but could only add to the excitement and enjoyment of the party until Radhika’s slap stunned the bewildered youths.   

“I am sorry, I spoiled your party”, she said to Tanu, pulling her off from Jack and putting the shawl around her to cover the bare shoulder.

Crying hysterically, Tanu could only spell – “No Dadi” and she clung to Radhika, dumping herself in her celestial embrace.

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Aditya Sinha

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