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"Where there is will – there is a way" - A look up Story

Dec 6 2007 …

Raj typed his name in the Google search box and pressed enter.

There were more than 10 lacs of Raj.

He made it more specific.

Raj from Patna …..

“Still over a lac”, it’s tough. He thought.

Finally he took a deep sigh and typed “Tabassum”

Long list.

Then Tabassum from Srinagar, Tabassum Khan etc…. etc..

He tried all permutation combination possible to make the search result more comprehensive.

Some photographs even. But he couldn’t make out. No photographs matched the Tabassum he knew when he was 18.

“It had been 18 yrs now, since I have kept this letter with me. I didn’t know where to post as she had not replied after her marriage.” He sighed. I had just wanted to ask – “Does the friendship ends with a marriage?”

She had asked my views on the Marriage. I didn’t understand. We had known each other in and out through our letters.

“I can still remember I knew there would be a letter waiting today the moment I alighted from bus returning from school. Our friendship had started through letters and matured through it. We knew each other more than we knew ourselves. Our heart used to pound for each other.” He continued recalling.

“And then in each of her letter she would ask when I was coming to Srinagar to meet her. And the meeting got delayed. It got delayed each time. And then her important question – about marriage preference. With my reply – As a bolt from the blue - there was the marriage invitation from her.”

“I did write even after that. On her birthday, right! But there was no reply. And I had stopped writing to let my friend settle in her new family.”
He sighed. He knew he hasn’t forgotten her till now. He too has a well settled family. But whenever there is a discussion of friends – he knows he had only one – and doesn’t know where she is?

Today too, the new joiners were talking about Orkut and they could find their school friends there.

Hopefully I would also find?

I need to – He thought.  

With new zeal and hope he renewed his search.

Every day whenever he would get time, he would continue his search. He was determined to search for her. Perhaps just to ask her once – Why didn’t she reply or say why she didn’t want to writ further? Does marriage ends a friendship?

He would restart his search each day with some new angle. Sometimes look for her father’s name and address, her sisters. He would search in the letters from the past for all other clue. The name of the teachers, her school, college alumni, sister’s friend’s, brothers, whatever he could come along. Despite all odds he would never loose heart.

Till one day he came across one piece

Dr. Qadir Khan from 6, Jawahar Park, Srinagar.

The name looked familiar to her brothers. And the address is same as hers. His heart started beating faster. He clicked the link. It had details of his studies and awards. And there is an email address at the end.

He mustered courage.

Typed a mail …

Dear Dr. Qadir,

I don’t know if you are the same person. This is in reference to your sister Tabassum my childhood penfriend. We have lost contact since long. I crossed through your name on google today. So, if my guess is correct and you are her brother, pls. pass this mail to her or if you can tell me about her where-abouts. I would be highly obliged.


He pushed the mail and waited for the wonders to happen.

After 3 days as he opens the mail in his office -

The Inbox read in bright … 
Tabassum Khan

He put his hand on the heart…lest it would come out.

His eyes got wet. Just said … I knew my friend I can-not lose you 

"At last I have found you." He murmured. 

It was proved ..  “ Where there is will – there is a way”

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Aditya Sinha

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