Sunday, 1 March 2015

To Blossom in Spring

Year 1988…..
Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Airport, Patna.

Sneha waited eagerly for him in the visitor’s lounge area. She had known Raphell for three years now. All through the years they had shared through the letters.

The likes- dislikes, about the city, the habits, family and festivals, perhaps - everything. They had seen each other through their letters. From a penfriend the relation had grown. And now it needed a new name. The had come. Raphell was coming to Patna for the first time. She would be meeting him in person.

Yes, they would finally be meeting today.

Would he be able to recognize me? Rather, would I recognize him?
Does he look the same as in the snap?

A series of question travelled in her mind.

The flight had arrived. She stood there gazing at each person coming through the terminal.  

Her eyes fixed unidirectional.

A tall six foot stranger with black goggles on his eyes comes straight to her.


She was taken aback. How did he recognize? I was still searching for him?


She welcomes. And repeats - How?

"Today is Basant Panchmi – you had said."

“The onset of Spring, It’s the same day when you had received my letter for the first time." "The city bathes with fresh warmth. The city smells in fragrance of fresh marigold. The ladies shed the winter clothes and move in yellow dresses all around.” You had always mentioned in your letter.

"I knew you would be in full Spring mood." He confirmed.

She was draped in bright yellow and had a bunch of yellow daffodils in her hand.

Tears filled her eyes with joy. She could say nothing more. She moved ahead  and sublimed in his extended arms.

She had grown close with each of his letters and now in his presence this spring she blossomed.

Aditya Sinha

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