Thursday, 19 March 2015

Surname - Identity to fantasy

Keeping one’s child name is a memorable event and an element of personal satisfaction for every parent. Even before a child is born Parent start discussing and dreaming of different names and then the best is chosen after a son or a daughter is born. A lot is even consulted in the family. Elders view is taken as blessing. Now a days even google is thoroughly searched. It is also debated that a family surname should be continued or modern surnames should be added. And then in most religion it is formally announced through a sacred ceremony.

With all this the child then develops his or her own identity and grows. Grows till the age when he / she can decide about the life partner for oneself. And after the marriage you say – the girl should change the surname? Why only girl? If we talk of gender equality why not it should be both?

Changing surname thus has no logic. Yes, its ones choice. The girl is matured enough and so it should totally be as per her preference. After all, she has to carry this further. She wants to add the surname with her original name to give an add on identity and boost to her own self, or she wants to shed her present title to that of husbands as a mark of  new development in her life or she wants to carry her own title to maintain her identity should never be topic of debate but only personal choice.
I must add on here as a child and developing age all of us fantasise adding and changing surnames. So marriage and change of surname can also be part of fulfilling that fantasy. So why bother. Let one decide.

In my family – My mother is continuing with her original child name – not even removed Kumari what to ask of changing the surname. While my wife switched to Sinha as her surname.  So….....

Aditya Sinha 

This post is written in response to Indispire edition 56 prompted by Anita Should a woman change her maiden surname after marriage?#SurnameChange 

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