Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Important Question

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The Important Question …..

Raj increased his pace returning from the school. It was exactly eight days he had sent her the last letter. Tabassum had asked her important question -my views on arranged and love marriage.  

And I had expressed in length - my views on arranged marriage and love marriage. What I liked? Why I liked?

He knew somewhere she had started liking her. He too couldn't live without her. But they were still in 12th. And so can’t take such decisions. He had thus abstained from committing anything. Not even tried to show his interest in this topic.

Further, their religions were different. How would the families be taken in confidence? He needed more time. So he had said -

“It’s time to build career. Let’s devote our time on studies now. Let’s not get distracted by thinking of marriage. We are good friends and let’s remain same.” He had tried to put the things off for the time being in his last letter.

And he was eagerly waiting for her response. He knew it would be difficult for her.

The messages in his last letter were clearly visible in his eyes. He kept reading them relating and evaluating, and the pace increased on its own till he reached the gate.

He screeched the gate open and their lied the letter – letter he knew would be waiting.

He threw the bag on one side and picked it up. As usual there was a flower sketched at the back and beautifully written in her writing 

Always your – Tabassum.”

He sighed and opened it.

“Dearest Raj,

You are my best friend. You are my part. You had rightly said – it’s not time for us to get distracted by thoughts of marriage. But, I am girl. And in our family the marriage happens early. My family is regularly talking about it. They even ask if I knew someone or have a choice of my own. I know you love me. As you rightly said it’s time to be devoted on career. Raj, you devote time without being distracted. I wish all great things for you. But, I need to tell them. So I have no choice but to agree to their choice……”

Tears trickled down his eyes…..

Aditya Sinha


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