Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Round Rotis – A Marketer’s Perspective.

Round Rotis – A Marketer’s Perspective.

The world is a market place and it’s an era of Consumerism. So, the consumer satisfaction has to be kept in mind be it any product, a high end mobile or the docile, humble Roti in Indian kitchen.

The Indispire prompt for the week has thus given me an opportunity to analyse Roti from a Marketer’s perspective.   

So let’s analyse if a Round Roti will satisfy more (taste better) or it’s just a jargon, in the light of the P’s of marketing.

As we are talking of a single Product i.e. Indian Roti – let’s integrate it with three customers and understand –

1.     A labourer who merely earns food for two times in a day for his family – Do you think – the shape and fluffiness etc. would make him more satisfied. No. He just needs to fill his empty stomach. So he just needs a few ounce of cooked food. And Roti serves the basic purpose.
2.    Now if the same Roti is in the shape of maps of different countries stacked one upon another and put on a well laid dining table with two types of Sabji and Dal and we had some pakoras in the snacks in the evening. So what would be the reaction? I know – it’s good that we don’t use glass plates in our daily course.
3.    However, these Indi – Pakistan maps if brought hot perhaps cut in different shapes and wrapped in a silver foil when we are sitting in a uniquely coined unreadable named restaurant – we would relish it as innovation.

A single product can be successful in serving its purpose and can be a hit if it is properly positioned. The above is self-explanatory for the P’s – Product, Place, Promotion, Packaging and Positioning,
Left is people and price.

So if we are having the Roti at our “home” and my wife is master in making maps – It depends how much the people are important for me. Either I start loving only the map shaped rotis or I help her (training) make perfect round rotis.  Depending on the price (satisfaction) I am ready to pay I can decide.

So doesn’t the above three situations explains and confirms that it’s the state of mind of the consumer that actually makes the Roti taste better.

Aditya Sinha.


This post is written for Indispire #RoundRoti.

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