Thursday 19 February 2015

And the tears never stopped - Two scenes

Scene 1….

“No, that girl is not from our caste.” Savitri, Raj’s mother screamed.
“I would not accept her as the bahu of my family.” She continued.

“But, I love her”. Raj argued.
“And how does it matter. These caste and creed are old taboos.”
“I don’t believe in all this. I have decided. I would marry this girl only. You agree or not.”

“That means, our sentiments don’t matter to you.”
“I have brought you up. You should think of us”.

“At present only Anju matters me, and I am marrying her.”
“I can’t live without her.”

“So you can live without us.”
“Yes! I am moving out of the house. And I would marry her in the temple tomorrow.”
He left the house…

Savitri stood there crying and the tears never stopped.

Scene 2….

Raj dressed in a sherwani and Anju decked in bridal makeup.

The pandit reads out the mantras and the two encircle the holy fire in the center.

Savitri standing at the corner of the temple trying to cover her face under the saree. 
She witnesses the marriage take place. Her hand involuntarily moves up to give blessings. 

And the tears comes out never to stop….

Aditya Sinha

This post is written for Indispire edition 52 with topic #tears ... and the tears never stopped

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