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"Soulmate" – the word itself is so sweet, that the reactions are bound to be sweet.

Let me first thank my fellow bloggers who voted for the topic and made it a topic for 50th edition of Indispire, thus giving me an opportunity to have a panorama of views on the word, its understanding and perception. As the topic was started by me, I am having a close watch on the responses too. And I find -- it has inspired . Inspired us to write, inspired to research - inspired to debate and inpired to pour our hearts out.

Before I pour my heart out on the topic (A poem), I would take the opportunity to sum up the different responses till now as below:

Amita – in her take as “Soulmate – My Definition” – talks of different definition as referred in different sources, and then puts her own.
Shruti Gopinath – questions “Do you believe in soulmates” – Talks about Greek mythology, refers to Paulo Coelho in Brida and then a sweet picture story depicting Soulmates.
Purba – through her “Soulmates and Twinflames” interestingly talks about the two topics and sums up with a poetry.
Quadeer – in his crisp blog “Where will You meet your soulmate” says he believes soulmates exist
Pebbles in still water – expreses through a haiku
Thinkball – talks of the theme of soulmate being used in TV Drama, Hollywood and Bollywood movies and his understanding of the word
Guria reasons her views through her article
Garima also reasoning – it can be anyone in “Soul mate – sell soul”
Ram-Knight 4ever advising through his short story to rather grow in love than live in myth of soulmate
Bindu getting so excited by the topic that she created a special tab for miscellaneous discussions in her devoted movie review blog and writes
Ayesha expresses through her three submissions :

Twinkle also reasons it can be anyone and explains in

Pratikshya also saying – it can be anyone -
Parvati  presents her thought as
Mukulika putting forth some quotes to establish the essence of soulmate
Nandini very effectively argues if there is anything like soulmate

Arpita presents her thoughts uniquely through some slides

There are quite a few short stories as by
Ranjith with happy ending as proof of soul mates
Black beauty through her characters Anu & Raj as in

It is just not possible to miss poems on this topic. So many have gone to pour out their heart for their different forms of Soul-mates as
MeenalSonal expresses in her sweet poem – Soul mates – special Connection

Saima expresses through fro “Haven to Heaven”

So all the blogs had its own different view and it was a quite enriching read till now.

I too believe Soul-mate, may not necessarily be your life-mate. He or she can be anyone – Anyone whose mere presence or thought, gives you a sense of fulfilment. You are your true-self and with whom you express yourself even before thinking. Even the silence talks and heart speaks. So, its divine, linked to a sharing soul half seeded into the other half. The relationship is more beautiful and romantic if it is between opposite sexes in which it is most often referred and found. 
 My take on Soulmate : - Soulmate

Aditya Sinha

Written in response to the 50th edition of #Indispire topic "Soulmate not necessarily is life mate. What do you feel? Express your take...

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