Saturday, 21 February 2015

Compassion - Need to introspect and take small step

“Compassion” – Today (20th Feb 2015) across the world over 1000 voices speak for compassion.

Would this spread the wave of compassion across the horizons?
Do you think compassion is dead in today’s world?
The fact is that before talking about the world we need to introspect ourselves.

Human heart is by nature full of emotion and it responds to its surroundings. Its’ made of love only.  It cries when there is suffering around. It rejoices when there is happiness around. What happens is that in this materialistic world as we grow we become self-centric and start closing eyes towards happenings around us …esp. if it is not affecting us. We need to open ourselves and respond to such issues. It needs no big money, no big time, no big effort…. It just needs an open heart and a smile and an extended hand.

I would quote just one example here. On 14th Nov. the children’s day we usually used to organize “Fuhar” an event for the under-privileged children where we used to collect old clothes / toys / gifts and whatever possible from across the city and used to be given to the kids at the orphanages in the city. This year we just planned to make it a fun filled evening for them rather the customary aid providing affair. And so we arranged a small fun evening with lunch for them. And in that couple of hours I could see the joy in those otherwise blank eyes.

Now the point is why do we wait for children’s day or some organization to do such activity?  I am sure every city has around 50 families who can spare one day to spread happiness to such kids on one week end? Likewise there are many other segments of society which needs our care our compassion.

Need of the hour is to open our hearts to such needy and do whatever small things we can than to wait for somebody to start.

This post is written as a part of 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion, where bloggers all over the world are talking about spreading compassion, love and kindness.

#1000 Speak
Aditya Sinha

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