Sunday, 22 February 2015

Disguise Strategy

There were two vacancies in the retail segment.

I was new to Dehradun. But in the one month of working in this market, I had understood it’s different from the B-class towns. This is more of the up society market. It paralleled the metros. And thus we needed a different strategy to get in roads with the retail market.

“I want at least one smart girl for this segment. esp. the auto segment” - I argued.

“I am not in favour of girls for such an important segment. This is the major revenue churner” - My boss, Mr. Rogers argued.

“Our problem is that, our guys are not able to get to the decision maker i.e. the dealer owners. A smart girl’s would act as a disguise. She would just open the road and we could then close deals. I have seen this happening in Lucknow.” I tried to put my point forth.

He finally agreed. After all getting business was my job.

Next day there was the interview.

Not much of girls …. This is the problem in small cities I thought.

But I maintained that I have to keep only girl for this position. We chose the only best option available – a non-media girl.

One year later we were presenting the annual presentation.
The market share had grown by 50%.
The revenue had grown by 48%.
12 new clients added in the kitty.

The Director asked – how did you do this turnaround?
Mr. Rogers looked towards me – with a smile on the face said – The disguise worked.

Aditya Sinha


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