Wednesday 11 February 2015

Re-living the love moments

 Re-living the love moments

 “I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity atBlogAdda in association with Bluestone”.

Love” is in the air. It all started with the rose day… And both the real as well as virtual world started looking rosy. SMS’s with Rose, WhatsApp with Rose, Calls with rose and in the city the shops with rose – All Red. The heart which had started losing its sense of romance started throbbing. The mind said you are still young. And the Heart started responding in situ.

Me at Aligarh and she in Dharamshala …. 1000 kms apart. Both gripped in one’s own world – the job.

So,  how?

Normally we meet in the last week. Either I go or she comes. Why not on 14th this time? - I thought.

And there was the rush of adrenaline.

Mind and Heart attuned.

-       Let’s go to Barot … On the top of the mountain – below the clear sky – The world beneath – lush green – and moments of togetherness – only two of us.
No, she would not enjoy the long driving…..

-       Better I should reserve a seat in the nightclub at McLoad – dance out the energy. Go all out – whole night wander together – wine and dine and shake.
Sounds stupid.

-       Let’s just buy a Diamond Pendant. Women always love jewellery at any time. And may be order a dinner at home.
It’s the regular activity – like any other year.

So, what to do new? I wanted to do something new. BlogAdda has come up with this prompt and ignited the wish to will.  Sound of Love…. . Let’s be crazy this time… Let’s be young again.

It’s been now 16 years of marriage, I thought. We have drifted with time all along. Gifted as well - from cards to clothes, jewellery and dinner, everything.  Another set of gold or a diamond peck below the neck … it would just add to the wardrobe.

Let’s go back 16 yrs. or rather 17yrs … When I proposed. Those sounds of love. That night becoming alive again. And may be the same place, – Vasundhra Enclave.

I need to get that house vacated for one day. I called the tenant and asked him for the favour. He agreed when I booked him a room in Noida and also a dinner table in its restaurant.  In turn he would arrange his living room as per my specifications.

And the plan is finalised. It would stay a surprise for her. I would call her to Delhi on the pretext that she would be coming on 14th morning for the admission transfer formalities of kids. Also reach myself and the day would remain as usual.

In the evening I present her a set of pink and white Anarkali suit. The same I gave her on that day. We would move out for a dinner together. And I take her to my old house in VE. She is surprised - wants to go to some decent restaurant. But I persuade. Move to the 2nd floor. Open the room B-56. And its dark inside. I switch on the light. Dark all around with a solitary chandelier spreading red light. In the centre is laid a small table with fragrance candles. A very soft instrument is playing in the background. There is only one chair. And she is made to sit. Same as I had done 17yrs back. I hold her from the back and ask softly  ….. So you are ready to spend your life with me …

(No it should be – Thanks for making my life beautiful. I would love to have you again and again in my life. Are you ready for it)

And bending on the knees I put the blue stone ring on her ring finger. This complements the old one already there.

She blushes and I seal her lips with mine. I know the response from her melting body in my arms. The souls are meeting. The sound of love is in air. It needs no more words.

Aditya Sinha

This is live as - 
 “I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Bluestone”.

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