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Grooming Beauty – A wholesome approach

Grooming Beauty – A wholesome approach
“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”
– Margret Hungerford (Molly Brown)

Can you imagine a damsel staying by your side and spitting fowl around? Or a hunk praising you all round and cursing you at heart. Would you still call them a beauty?  - Surely not. I am sure you would prefer staying away from such a personality. To this only Ambrose Bierce in “The Devil’s Dictionary” described: Beauty - The power by which a woman charms a lover and terrifies a husband. I’ll extend it a further - it applies to both men and women.
Beauty thus, is not complete only when it soothes your eyes, resonates in your ears or confiscates your mind. It must also thump your heart, pump the blood, and rejuvenate the cells. The external looks should be mingled with internal virtues to give a lasting effect, leave a longing sigh. We all would agree to it and so did our Grannies. Just a few intrinsic beauty that all would love to have in their dream beauties -   
Love for all, Respect for all, Devoted to work, Live for family, Loyal and faithful, Intelligent, Sincere, Straight forward……etc. 
And these we need to develop ourselves, imbibe in oneself. Coupled with these virtues if we get time for ourselves we can just take care of the external looks given to us by the Almighty. Granny’s experience tells us to use the following:
To soothe other’s eye: 
1.      Scrub: Use dried and powdered Lemon peels or Orange peels soaked in milk. It provides vitamin C to the skin.

2.      Eyes: Wash your eyes with cold water or water mixed with rose water at least thrice daily.
Early in the morning – walk bare footed on dew wet grasses.
3.    Face Pack: Use paste of Turmeric and Oat in Curd. Alternatively Paste of rose petals or marigold petals can be used in place of turmeric. It would enhance the complexion accordingly.
Radish juice mixed with fresh cream can be used as face pack for dry skins. It also acts as a re-vitaliser for the skin.
4. Hair Care: Anwla Shikakai and ritha is the best mix for having shining long hair. Soak the three in equal quantity during the night and use the drain as shampoo.
For hair Colouring: Mehndi with coffee powder paste in Lemon and egg for oily hair. For dry hair replace lemon with 2 tsp Honey. 
5.    Shine your Teeth: After brushing your teeth massage it slowly for a few minutes with finely powdered common salt mixed with a few drops of lemon.
6.    Tan Removing: Make a paste of Multani mitti in til oil. Use it as a pack at places of Sun burn or tanned areas to remove the stains.
7.    Pedicure: Drench your foot in warm water with a tbsp of salt for half an hour. Scrub and wash. Apply home-made moisturizer. Your foot would remain soft and silky. It would also give relaxation to the body.
8.    Moisturizing: One tb sp Glycerin mixed with 50 ml Rose water.
9.  Soar Throat / Sweet voice: Aniseed – 5gm, Mulehati -3 gm, clove 1 piece, Green Cardamom 1 piece, a pinch of camphor and piprament. Crush and mix. Chew the mixture slowly like tobacco. It would give relief from soar throat and the coughing would go off.
And to add to the effect of all above develop self - belief and concentration - nurture your mind. Adopt Yoga. Spend an hour with this – some Pranayam and a couple of Asans. Spend some time with yourself – Meditate. Devote a few minutes to God. The rest all will be beautiful.
ANNE BRONTE, Agnes Grey thus said It is foolish to wish for beauty. Sensible people never either desire it for themselves or care about it in others. If the mind be, but well cultivated, and the heart well disposed, no one ever cares for the exterior.”

Above would help you develop intrinsic beauty and maintain what we have got externally. Though Petrarch in “De Remedies” said, rarely do great beauty and great virtue dwell together. I feel, if we cultivate the above virtues and nourish what we have we can always give it a try and be one of those rare.

Wish you all the best.

(Note: The above are just a few common representative tips. There are many more which we can gather through the beauty blogs here.) 

Aditya Sinha
Just wanted to share here on Indiblogger forum as has some useful tips. 

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