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Social Media on Mobile Vs Web

‘Social Media on Mobile Vs Web – How has it impacted your life?’

“I am participating in the #SMWBangalore activity at BlogAdda in association with Social Media Week Bangalore

“Social Media on Mobile vs Web” – every time there is a change in the normal movement of society we start debating on its benefits.
I can recall times when there was strong debate on print vs electronic media on advent of TV. Computers yes or no when there was switching to its mass implementation. Benefits of social media became a hot topic in corporate world among the HR and Brand Managers, when it started penetrating the working cabins. And now we are moving to social media on mobile vs web.
In all above situations and any other technological advancement that has taken place in the past – we have found that it not only makes its own niche but also adds to the effectiveness. Here too, the movement of social media is creating its own mark and providing a platform to move to the next level.
If I need to enumerate the benefits categorically let me start from basics i.e. as the name specifies in the words of Wikipedia “Social media are computer-mediated tools that allow people to create, share or exchange information, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks ....….”
So the soul of the word is in creating, sharing or exchanging. I am sure you would agree that the smart phones with enhanced data storage capacity and cameras give us the best platform to create best real time activities. Further, if we have created a real time story, be it in words, pictures or tweets why not share immediately. This is only possible through Mobile and not on Web. Today, we are enjoying a party, attending a marriage or sitting in a conference, we just click / record or pass a tweet to all concerned in one go. No need to carry a camera, click first and then wait till evening to transfer to the computer and then send it. By that time may be there are 10 more things you feel like sharing. 
So social media actually helps us in
1.    Real time handling (as explained in the above paragraph)
2.    It actually aligns with the present approach to life i.e – available 365 days - 24 Hrs. So you are with your social network always. If we really want a help, it can actually be available immediately through Mobile not a laptop. Imagine you face an accident on a highway – pass on a message on the WhatsApp – a click of accident and need immediate help – see the response. Is it possible with Laptop
3.    Above also signifies that it makes an easy accessibility and easy to handle. No need to carry a laptop and a camera separately and then look for places to keep it safely. Just put a good smartphone in your pocket and the world of connectivity is in your pocket.
4.    Now as you have multiple social media sites working on different themes we tend to have multiple profiles as well. Connecting with family and friends on Facebook, sharing professional expertise on LinkedIn, reacting instantly on twitter, chatting continuously on WhatsApp and so on. So once you synchronise all this on mobile it integrates with the numbers saved on your mobile and thus makes world still small.
5.    As all data are synchronised you can search the person easily and more widely with a mobile than on the net. It gives a broader scope of search and identification.
6.    Time Management is an integral part of all planning. Once you have the social media on your Smartphone or tab it just slips in all time management. You don’t need to open face book to see upgraded statuses or linked in profiles or even check mails. It just pops up on your mobile and you pass on eye on the same without disturbing your works. It actually makes you work multi-dimensional.
7.    To add to the above point – I would say it helps you manage your ideal time in the best way. Imagine you have gone for a meeting with your client and he got busy in some meeting. Sitting in the conference you open your tab and write a blog on your favourite topic that relieves your stress.
8.    It helps you stay with your family unlike TV or Biwi concept, or a fight for checking your fb profile first. Here, all of you have a handset separately and thus check the popups separately. So enjoy with the family. No fight at all.
9.    In most offices the social sites are blocked on their band with. So, once you are connected on the mobile you don’t have to depend upon the office internet connection. You actually stay connected ethically.
10. And above all the credibility increases as it is linked with numbers and easier to track a mobile when any wrong activity occurs. It can be tracked to the last step.

So what do you say more. It’s clear its impact is more progressive and helps you being more social. I am sure it would help in moving to the next level of connectivity and accessibility.

Aditya Sinha


The above post has been written in reference to the SMWBanglore activity on BlogAdda viz. “I am participating in the #SMWBangalore activity at BlogAdda in association with Social Media Week Bangalore

SMW Bangalore is centred around the theme of ‘Upwardly Mobile – The rise of the connect class’.

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